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Dashboard - Unread Log Notes
Dashboard - Unread Log Notes
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As a Team Lead, Manager or Support Worker permission level, you will have access to Log Notes on multiple Individuals. MyCompass compiles a list of all unread Log Notes for these Individuals in one place. This collection is conveniently located on the dashboard. The date of each log note is highlighted, as well as if there was a critical incident or concern that occurred.

You are able to click into each individual log note, or view all. Viewing all unread log notes will provide a scrolling list of the details of each log note.

As you review each log note and scroll down the page, the log note will be updated and marked as "viewed" once you scroll past it. This way you are able to quickly review multiple log notes quickly and easily.

Once you have viewed the unread log notes, the Unread Log Note status will be updated on your dashboard, removing any log notes which you have already viewed. New log notes will be added to that section as they are created.

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