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Staff Data Dashboard
Staff Data Dashboard

High level data related to the staff in your organization.

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The Staff Data Dashboard is only available for Team Lead and Manager permission levels. This view displays high level data of an organization, with options to filter focussing on permission levels and staffing. It can be found under Dashboards in the top tab of a users main dashboard.


The dashboard has the same filtering options as the Organization dashboard, with the addition of the Permission Level field. To filter a certain timeframe, click into the date field. There will be a few suggested options for you to choose from. You can also choose a custom date by selecting a start and end date. Please note, the end date can not be in the future.

You are able to filter the data by Program as well. The Program field will pull in a list of all programs that have been created in the organizations Admin section. You are able to select one or multiple programs to filter by. To remove a program that you have selected, simply click the “x” to the right of the program title to remove it from the selection field. Clicking the “Filter” button on the right of the filter fields will adjust the data to reflect the selected parameters.

To filter by Contributor Type or Permission Level, simply click into the field and select the desired permission level from the drop down. You may select one, or multiple permission types.

Topic Sections

High level data is listed on the left side of the dashboard. The total number of active users, the number of goals that have been created, the number of log notes, and the number of timeline posts that have been created.


The Engagement section pulls in data related activity of each permission type over time. Hovering over a dot in the dot plot will give you details on the number of comments, the number of log notes, the number of timeline posts, and the number of likes for each time period.


The Goals section pulls in data on timeline posts, as they are associated with goals. High level details on the number of posts that are associated with a goal, vs the number of posts not related to a goal for that timeframe.


The Activity table breaks down data for each user in the organization during the selected time frame. Details for each user are listed, with users being listed in alphabetical order.

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