Adding a Private Place

There are 2 ways to add a private place to an individuals profile. The first is to use the green "+" button to add a new place.

Add details to the this new place. What does this place mean to this individual?

Add or search for a specific address, or use the map to find a location. 

You can add a link to a website, add an image and add a tag to the place so that it is easy to search. New tags can be created in the Admin section of MyCompass.

The second way to add a private place is by using the map directly. Click and hold on a location to drop a marker. From there, select the "Click here to add to My Places".

Follow the same flow as above to create the new place.

Adding a Public Place

To add a Public place, follow the same steps as outlined above with the exception that when you are in the Create a new place view, check the "Submit for approval" box before you save the place. 

This place will be submitted to and reviewed by the organization before this place can be made public.

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