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MyCompass Missions - Overview
MyCompass Missions - Overview

Helping users to learn by doing and reflection.

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MyCompass Missions was designed as a priming tool to be used by individuals and/or their supports to kick start creativity for creating goals. These short Missions are meant to inspire individuals and/or their team leads to come up with creative goals to be used as part of an individuals plan.

The Missions feature can be found in two locations depending on the users permission level.

For organization staff only, a Missions tab will be available in the main navigation, next to the Dashboard feature. This section will allow staff to view data related to each Mission. Learn about this feature in detail on the Staff Missions View article.

A Missions tab will also show up as a new navigation item on an individuals profile. This section allows individuals and their supports to browse, select and complete Missions.

Individual's Missions functionality will be broken down in the Individual's Missions article.

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