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Digging into the engagement data of your organizations Missions.

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Selecting the Missions tab found in the main navigation will bring staff members to a Missions listing view. This will be a list of all of the available missions for an organization (the MyCompass default missions, as well as any custom missions that an organization has created and added to their instance.

Users can filter the list by pillar, or can search by mission name if they are looking for a specific mission.

Each mission in the list view will have the following information:

  1. A MyCompass pillar

  2. An estimated length of time to complete

  3. An assigned point value based on the mission difficulty

Mission Detail View

Clicking into a mission from the missions list will take you to a detail view of the mission itself, along with data on user engagement with this mission specifically.

Mission Statistics will show you how many users have started the mission, how many have completed the mission, and the average rating that users assigned the mission. This data is broken down by individual in the Engagements table below.

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