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Individual's Missions Views
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There are three sections within an individual's Mission tab.

  1. My Missions - which shows individuals which missions they are working on, how many points they have earned, and their total number of completed missions.

  2. Missions List - where individuals (independently or with thier supports) can browse and explore new missions to tackle.

  3. Completed Missions - where individuals can take a look at all of the progress they have made with completing MyCompass missions.

My Missions

The My Missions view allows individuals to take a look at all the hard work they have done, and allows them to easily jump back in to missions that they have already started.

The progress cards identify how many missions the individual has already completed. The number of points they have earned directly corresponds to the number of points assigned to the missions they have completed.

Selecting the missions that are listed in this view will take the user to the mission detail page. From here they can review the mission details and continue on their mission.

Missions List

The Missions List view is where individuals can independently, or with the help of their supports, browse and explore missions that they might like to complete. Users can filter the list by pillar, or can search by mission name if they are looking for a specific mission. The missions that appear here are only the missions that the individual has not yet completed. Any completed missions will be not show up here, but will be found in the Completed Missions section.

Each mission in the list view will have the following information:

  1. A MyCompass pillar

  2. An estimated length of time to complete

  3. An assigned point value based on the mission difficulty

Once a mission is started, it will automatically be added to the individuals "My Missions" view.

Completed Missions

The Completed Missions view is a place for individuals and their supports to view a list of all the individuals completed missions, and reflect on these missions. This is a great place to start to look for new, similar missions, or create goals based on the missions that the individual enjoyed.

Clicking into a completed mission detail, users will find recommendations for other similar tasks they can do, or goals that they can create if they liked the mission. These recommendations can be found under the Next Steps heading.

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