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MyCompass Mission Walkthrough
MyCompass Mission Walkthrough

How to start, save and complete a MyCompass Mission

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MyCompass Missions was designed as a priming tool to be used by individuals and/or their supports to kick start creativity for creating goals. These short Missions are meant to inspire individuals and/or their team leads to come up with creative goals to be used as part of an individuals plan.

In this article, we will walk you through how to start, save and complete a MyCompass Mission.

Start a Mission

Once a mission that looks interesting has been found, clicking on the card from the list will take you to a mission detail view.

This view will let you know the following information:

  • The mission title and description - what this is mission all about

  • The MyCompass pillar that the mission belongs to - if the individual is focussing on specific pillars, it's good to look at missions that align with these pillars

  • The length of time that the mission will take to complete

  • The number of points that the individual will earn when they complete the mission

  • What you will need in order to complete the mission

When ready, selecting the "Get Started" button will initiate the mission.

Mission Steps and Completing a Mission

Missions can have different types of steps. Some steps just provide directions or instructions.

Others allow messages to be written or photos to be added. The last type of step has a map or location of a specific place.

At the end of every mission, a reflection section is included to see how the mission went, and allow the mission to be rated.

After the mission reflection is filled out, selecting the "Complete Mission" button will complete the mission. This newly completed mission will now be removed from the My Missions list, and be added to the individuals "Completed Missions" list.

Saving a Mission

Missions that have been started can be saved and returned to for completion at a later date. Selecting the "Save for Later" button on any step will save the mission progress. Any mission which has been started and saved will be listed in the My Missions view to be completed later.

Clicking into a started mission from the My Mission list, the "Get Started" button will have changed to "Complete Mission". Selecting this button will return the individual to the last step that was completed within the mission.

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