What is MyCompass?
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MyCompass helps people with disabilities and their supports to chart a course towards all the things that make life great. It’s a planning and case management tool, better way to do log notes and a way to securely keep in touch between people served, their guardians, family, and support workers.

MyCompass is a secure, web-based tool offered to organizations and service providers, and access is granted on an invite-only basis.

If you've received an invite to MyCompass, you can set up your account by clicking on the link in the invitation e-mail.

There are 8 different types of users in MyCompass:

  • Individual

  • Guardian/Office of the Public Guardian

  • Family/Close Friend

  • Agency Support Worker

  • Agency Team Lead

  • Agency Manager/Senior Manager

  • Government Funder

  • Partner Support Agency

Each type of user has different abilities within MyCompass, and must specifically have consent before having access to any information. 


Once you log in, you are able to see a dashboard of all the MyCompass profiles you have been granted access to:

Click on the profile of the person you want to learn more about.


Each individual who is supported by MyCompass has their own profile:

A profile in MyCompass consists of 5 different areas, and your access to these areas depends on what type of user you are.


This is where an individual and their circles of support are able to share the exciting things happening in their life, the progress on their plan, and important milestones.

You are able to upload a photo, or link a video to a timeline post as well:

To learn more about the Timeline and how it works, please see our Timeline Help Articles. 


The About Page captures a person's life story, interests, and things that are important to them. 

Each section of the About Page is editable, and has space for up to three images and captions.

To learn more about the About Page and how it works, please see our About Page Help Articles


This section of MyCompass is where a person's plan is stored. A plan has multiple Strategies, and each Strategy can have multiple tasks. Strategies belong to one of 5 different areas of a person's life.

To learn more about the Plan and how it works, please see our Plan Help Articles.


The briefcase is a lightweight case management tool that allows organizations to securely capture personal information like ID numbers, allergies, and other important but private information.

 To learn more about the Briefcase and how it works, please see our Briefcase Help Articles.

Community Mapping

The Community Mapping feature provides individuals with a place to pin locations that are important to them, while also exploring locations that are significant to the community as a whole. 

Community locations are created by an organization and are made public to any individual belonging to that organization. This allows individuals to explore locations that could provide services or be areas for gathering and socializing. Tags can be created in the Admin to denote the type of location, for example: coffee shop.

Individuals locations are private to the individual, these locations are not shared within the organization, it provides greater privacy for the individual.

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