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About Page - Overview
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Each individual on MyCompass has an About page where we can capture their life story.

It's important to learn more about someone before we create a plan, so we recommend you complete the About page first.


The About page is separated into several different sections:

Clicking on a section will scroll you down to that area of the About Page.

To edit a section, hover your mouse over the title of that section, and click the Edit button:


Once you are editing a section of the About page, you'll be presented with a list of prompting questions, and an area where you can write your response:

This rich text editor works just like Microsoft Word, and allows you to do some basic formatting of text.

You're also able to upload up to three pictures and captions:

You have 2 options for saving your progress:

Save will save your current progress, and return you to this page to keep editing. Save & Continue will take you to the next section of the About page.

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