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Timeline - Overview
Timeline - Overview
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The Timeline is where most day-to-day activity gets logged in MyCompass. You're able to share Timeline Posts with the contributors you've invited to MyCompass, and it's how you 'check off' tasks on your plan.

There are multiple types of Timeline posts, depending on what you are posting.

Adding a Timeline Post

To add a post to a person's timeline, click inside the "Add a Timeline Post" form. You're then able to share the details you would like. We always say, the more detail the better; upload a photo if you can to help visualize your post.

The first question: "Have something to share on Nick's Timeline?" is where you can type your general update/status, just like you would on Facebook.

You can also choose who Nick wants to share this post with. Select from the list of contributors who can have access to view this post. Anyone not selected will not be able to see the post that is created.

MyCompass has some extra features to associate these posts to your plan. 

If this post relates to a goal on the plan, click the dropdown box beside "Does this relate to a goal?". This will pull up a list of all the goals on your current plan.


If you have selected a goal, the dropdown beside "Did you complete a task?" will then allow you to select a task from that goal. Selecting a task means that you've completed that task- it will add a green checkmark next to the task on your plan.


You can upload a picture, or attach a video URL to your post.


If the activity took place in the past, you can select a date by clicking on the calendar icon. This will "back-date" the Timeline post in case you forgot to add it the day it took place.

Feeling faces

You can lastly select one of three smiley face options, to show how it made that person feel. It's one thing to complete everything on a plan, but if the person was miserable the whole way through, it wasn't very effective. Use these faces to show whether it was a positive, neutral, or negative event.

Types of Posts

Several types of posts will appear on the timeline:

Plan Post

This type of post relates to the plan, and shows any tasks that were completed as a result.

Basic Post

About Page Update

Any time a section of the About page is updated, a new Timeline post gets created, showing who updated it, and when.

Strategy Completed

Once all tasks for a strategy have been completed a completion post appears, celebrating our success!

Plan Shortcuts

The timeline also has a quick shortcut to see the state of our current plan:

This shows which of the MyCompass pillars you have selected for your plan,  the number of strategies in each, and how many have been completed. In the above example, we can see that 1/1 of our Strengthening Relationships strategies have
been completed.

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