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Plan - Overview
Plan - Overview
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A plan is at the heart of a MyCompass profile. A plan is divided into 5 possible sections: Home Life, Strengthening Relationships, Community Connections, Health and Wellness, and Paid Employment.

When you create a plan, you can select which of these 5 pillars you'd like to include in your plan.

Plans have multiple goals associated, and each goal has multiple tasks. Goals can be assigned to contributors, and each goal needs to have a due date.

When you are editing a plan, each pillar follows a similar layout:

There is a set of prompting questions to help you guide through the planning process in that area of the person's life. We've also developed a few short videos with things to consider before you begin adding goals.

Next, you can enter a high-level summary of that area of their life, as well as upload any relevant pictures or photos:

Then, you can see the specific goals that have been added to the plan:

At the bottom of the page, you can click the Add a New Goal button to add another Goal to the plan:

More details on adding strategies can be found in the article 'Adding goals to your plan'

Once you have finished adding goals and tasks to a plan, you can finalize your plan and pick a date you'll come back to review how your plan went.

To learn more specifics about plans, check out our Plan articles.

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