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Adding Goals to a Plan
Adding Goals to a Plan
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Once you've clicked on the Add a New Goal button on your plan, you'll be presented with the Add Goal form.

Don't see an Add a New Goal button? You'll need to edit your plan first.

Adding a goal

Every goal needs to have certain fields filled out: the goal, the due date, who's responsible, 1 to 4 quality of life domains, and the specific tasks that it will take to accomplish this strategy.

The right hand side of the page has our Goal Library- some sample goal ideas to help you get started. You'll still need to tweak them for the person we are building a plan for, so make sure you review sample goals carefully and ensure they make sense.

Goal fields:

We want to ensure we are making SMART Goals:
Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Based. Our goal fields try to capture this:

The description is where we can enter any extra information on the strategy; why we want to do it, etc.

The due date is for when the goal should have all it's tasks completed:

Each person you select will be responsible for helping out on this goal, and will receive an e-mail notification letting them know. Reminder e-mails before the due date get sent as well.

We use Quality of Life domains for reporting purposes; select between 1 and 4 so that we can see how our plan is balanced using these more specific criteria.

Then add the specific tasks it would take to accomplish this goal. Remember, the more specific and granular, the better!

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