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Adding/Removing Contributors
Adding/Removing Contributors
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To add or remove a contributor, click the edit button:

From there, you can fill out the contributor form for each contributor you want to add:

Each user in MyCompass needs to have their own unique e-mail address. The "Relationship" text field allows you to describe who this contributor is in relation to the individual.

For example, you could enter "Dad" as the relationship, and from the dropdown of "How do they know this person?", select "Parent/Guardian".

The dropdown determines what permissions the user will have on this profile in MyCompass.

As soon as you click on one of the save buttons, an e-mail invitation will be sent, allowing the user to create a password and log in.

Removing a contributor

To remove an existing contributor, check the "Delete" box on their form, and then hit save. That will then revoke their access to that profile.

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