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Our log notes system takes paper-based binders in people's homes, and brings them into a new digital format!

The Log Notes screen gives you an overview of all Log Notes entered for an individual, for a given month.

Each Log Note entry provides some quick 'heads up' information:

Moving left to right, the yellow 'issue' flag shows that a critical incident/concern has been added for this log note. The name is of the user who created the log note, and the start and end time of their shift is listed beside that. User avatars are displayed for each user who has looked at this log note, allowing us to keep accountability.

Clicking on a log note entry takes us to the detailed view:

This will show everything we've entered on the log note, including any custom tracking questions and incident reports. At the bottom of the log note is a summary of who viewed the log note and when: 

Adding a Log Note

When you are adding a log note for your shift, click the Add button at the top right of the log notes screen.

You can enter your shift start/end times, and are then prompted with the custom tracking questions you have previously set up.

Then, you can enter a Timeline post directly from your log note:

Once you submit your Log Note, the information can't be changed as it is then considered a legal document. Be sure to proof read your note before it is saved.

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